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Categories Options that we like to see as Guest Posts:

  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. Breed Characteristics:
    • Descriptions and traits of various cow breeds.
    • Personal experiences and stories with specific cow breeds.
  4. Cattle Farming Tips:
    • Tips and advice on raising and caring for cows.
    • Best practices for managing a cow farm.
  5. Milk and Dairy Products:
    • Articles on milk production and quality.
    • Dairy product recipes and homemade dairy product guides.
  6. Health and Nutrition:
    • Tips on maintaining the health of cows.
    • Nutritional requirements for different cow breeds.
  7. Breeding and Reproduction:
    • Insights into the breeding process for cows.
    • Tips for successful cow reproduction and calf care.
  8. Cattle Farm Management:
    • Efficient farm management practices.
    • Innovations in cattle farming technology.
  9. Sustainable Farming Practices:
    • Articles on eco-friendly and sustainable approaches to cow farming.
    • Tips for reducing the environmental impact of cattle farming.
  10. Disease Prevention and Treatment:
    • Information on common cow diseases and prevention strategies.
    • Veterinary care tips for cow health.
  11. Farm Life and Stories:
    • Personal stories and experiences of life on a cow farm.
    • Anecdotes about the joys and challenges of cow farming.
  12. Cattle Industry News:
    • Updates and trends in the cattle industry.
    • Analysis of market conditions affecting cow farmers.
  13. Equipment and Technology:
    • Reviews and recommendations for cow farming equipment.
    • Technological advancements in the field of cattle farming.
  14. Legal and Regulatory:
    • Compliance guidelines for cattle farms.
    • Discussions on relevant laws and regulations affecting the industry.
  15. Hobby Farming:
    • Tips for individuals with small-scale cow farming operations.
    • How to start a small cattle farm as a hobby.
  16. Art and Culture:
    • Creative pieces inspired by the world of cow farming.
    • Cultural perspectives on the significance of cows in different societies.
  17. Case Studies:
    • Real-life examples of successful cow farming operations.
    • Learning from challenges and successes in the industry.

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Read the Guidelines for Submit a Guest Post or Submit a Blog Post

1 Accepting Guest Posts

We welcome submissions from those who complete the form with their Post (Article) title and a brief description of the post. To submit your request, please contact us via email at

2 Words Length

Hey there! If you’re looking to share your thoughts on Forumjudi99 and want your article to be published, we’ve got some guidelines to make sure it’s a perfect fit.

We’re all about quality, so when you submit a guest post or article, aim for a minimum of 800 words. Cover all the important topics related to Forumjudi99 to keep our readers engaged. Incomplete articles? Not our thing. We love content that’s thorough and complete.

To increase your chances of getting published, focus on originality. Craft a piece that’s unique and tailored specifically for the Forumjudi99 fans. We’re excited to read what you have to share, so make it something special!

#3 Images

We all understand that pictures are a great way to quickly convey information about what we’ve written. It’s crucial to make a good image or infographic because it adds a pleasant touch to your post or article.

#4 Self-promotion

We welcome your genuine contributions and value your efforts. When you contribute, we’ll acknowledge your work by including a backlink to your website or blog in the guest post or article. We appreciate your input!

#5 Copyright

We value everyone’s efforts. If you’ve shared a blog post or article from another site, we may have to take it down. We have the right to remove your content from Forumjudi99. Also, when you submit a blog post or guest post to Forumjudi99, you’re giving us ownership of the content. This way, we can handle any copyright issues that may come up.

#6 Queries

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. You can ask your queries on our contact page by filling out a straightforward form. Alternatively, you can also send us an email at

NOTE: We have the right to take any action or changes in the Guidelines.

FAQs about Submitting a Guest Posting or Guest Blogging by Experts.

What is Submit A Guest Post or Blogging?

Submitting a guest post or blog post is like sharing an article you’ve written. You can do this by emailing it or filling out a contact form on the website. It’s a way to provide information on a specific topic to the website’s readers.

Where To Submit Blog Posts For Generating Good Traffic?

The big question that comes to everyone’s mind is where to share a blog post to get more visitors. To put it simply, you should share your blog on websites that already have a lot of visitors, like Google, Yahoo, and others on the internet. One such website is, where we have around 2000 blogs that are already attracting a large number of visitors.

What are the ways to find a Guest Posting Website?

Here are several methods we’ve shown below. By using these approaches, people discover us on the internet. You can also try these techniques.

  • Submit A Guest Post
  • Where To Submit Blog Posts For Traffic
  • Accepting Guest Posts
  • Submit A Guest Post-Free
  • Marketing “Submit A Guest Post”
  • Blogs That Accept Guest Posts 2024
  • Inurl Submit Guest Post
  • Guest Posting Sites
  • Submit Blog Post
  • Accepting Guest Posts
  • Submit A Guest Post
  • “Submit Guest Post” + “Education”

How long should a Guest Post be?

Most people believe that longer articles with 1000 words or more attract more visitors. However, our recent research shows that the quality of information in a blog is what counts, not just the word count.

The website owner may specify a certain word count like 500, 800, or 1000 words, but what’s crucial is the value provided in the content, not just the length.

Which are the Free Guest Post Sites?

There are both free and paid guest posting sites available on the internet. and Please do Check here: Top Guest Posting (Blogging) Sites List.

What is your opinion of Guest Posting?

As an SEO expert, our team enjoys doing guest posting. However, it’s crucial to be careful in choosing where to post because Google is now very strict about guest posting. Here are some important things to consider:

  1. Relevance: Before deciding on a guest post location, make sure it’s related to your niche. Google values relevancy, so choose sites that match your content.
  2. Domain Authority: Check the domain authority of the site to assess its trustworthiness. Higher domain authority indicates a more reliable source.
  3. Traffic Volume: Use tools like Alexa to check the site’s traffic. This gives you an idea of how much referral traffic you might receive in the future.
  4. Google Sandbox and Penalty Check: Verify the site’s status using Google Sandbox and Penalty Checker tools. Ensure it’s safe and free from potential issues that could harm your site.
  5. Link Placement: Aim to contribute to sites that allow at least one link within the body of the article. Author bio links are not as beneficial, and Google is actively removing high-quality content directory sites.
  6. User-Centric Content: When writing your guest post, focus on creating content for users, not just for search engines. User engagement is crucial for both your post’s success and search engine rankings.
  7. Quality Over Quantity: Be cautious not to take risks that could lead to penalties in the future. Quality content is more important than getting numerous backlinks.

In summary, be diligent in your guest posting strategy, considering relevance, domain authority, traffic, site status, and link placement. Prioritize writing content that engages users and provides value. Good luck!

Does Guest Posting Help for Better Ranking?

It works. When you do guest posting, you create valuable links for your blog or website. Plus, it lets you introduce yourself to a new group of people.

Is Guest Posting still the most powerful strategy for SEO Ranking?

Guest blogging is a popular method for getting good backlinks from respected websites. This helps bring more visitors to your website and boosts your online reputation in your business field and community.

Even though guest blogging remains effective, Google now uses improved algorithms to spot spam and guest blogging done solely to get a backlink. So, it’s crucial to create unique and well-crafted guest posts and share them on high Domain Authority (DA) websites, specifically those with a DA of 45 or more.

How can I find a Guest blog post site?

Discovering guest blogging opportunities is easy when you use specific search terms. By entering the right queries, you can quickly locate websites that accept guest posts. Here are some search phrases to help you find the perfect guest blogging site for your needs.

  • “submit a guest post”
  • “guest post by”
  • “contribute an article”
  • “want to write”
  • “submit your post”
  • “submit blog post”
  • “submit a blog post”
  • “submitting guest article”
  • “become a contributor”
  • “accepting gust posts”

How can I submit a guest post on any website?

Process of Submitting a Guest Posting:

  1. Popularity: Look for blogs that are well-liked in your niche.
  2. Relevance: Find blogs that are related to your blog’s topic.
  3. Engagement: Consider blogs with active readers and discussions.

After identifying potential blogs, finalize your selection by considering the following metrics:

  1. Approaching: Decide how you will approach the bloggers. Consider being respectful and concise in your communication.
  2. Email Format: Craft an email that is clear, polite, and to the point. Make sure it’s formatted professionally.

You’re all set to go on your travels if you stick to the steps mentioned above. Tell me if my response has assisted you in creating links, and connecting with fellow bloggers, and inform me if I’ve overlooked anything. If there’s anything you’d like more clarification on, just let me know!

How am I able to do Guest Posting?

When you work as a freelance writer and want to create content or contribute as a guest writer, there are some important steps to follow. The first thing you need to do is find reputable magazines that are willing to publish your work.

Look for magazines that are well-known and respected in the field you specialize in, especially those that often feature content from freelance writers like yourself. Keeping these considerations in mind is crucial as you navigate this aspect of your writing journey.

Getting in Touch with the Editor

This is the second step in our journey. If the blog you’re interested in has clear instructions for submitting a guest post, follow them carefully.

If there are no specific guidelines, use the contact form. Introduce yourself and your company, and share details about your qualifications.

Ask for guidance on how to present your guest post idea. Once the editor responds and asks for your pitch, make sure it’s well-crafted.

Waiting for Approval

Lots of folks want to be guest bloggers, just like you. It’s normal for them to send their ideas and articles to magazine editors. You might have to be patient and wait a few weeks for your work to get published. If you don’t get a response after a while, it’s okay to send a polite follow-up. If you still don’t hear back, come up with a new and unique idea or pitch it to another place.

Submitting your Guest Post

Once your guest post gets the green light, you need to send it the way the editor wants. Make sure it’s on time. If the editor suggests changes, keep working on it until it fits the requirements.